#LondonUnited: in memory of last year’s terror attacks

Mayor Sadiq Khan has announced plans to pay tribute to those affected by last year's terror attacks at Westminster, London Bridge, Parsons Green and Finsbury Park Mosque.

He is calling for Londoners to come together in an act of solidarity on social media using #LondonUnited, and will provide a focal point for people to pay their respects at City Hall.


Get involved

Londoners, and people around the world, are invited to send messages of strength, hope and resilience on social media using the hashtag #LondonUnited. The messages will then be digitally projected on the map of London in City Hall.

Visitors can also add messages using the ‘digital book of hope’ – a tablet on a plinth within the map area at City Hall. 

Throughout this period of remembrance, City Hall will be open to members of the public who want to pay their respects, both in person and online.

The #LondonUnited tribute will provide a focal point for people to come together and commemorate those who were killed and injured, and show solidarity and support for all of those across the city who were involved.

The space will open on the anniversary of the first attack in Westminster on 22 March 2018, and remain open to the public until the anniversary of the Finsbury Park attack on 19 June, weekdays from 8.30am to 6pm, and 3 June.

#LondonUnited projections

To mark the anniversary of each attack, #LondonUnited will be projected at the following locations:

  • Houses of Parliament on 22 March 2018
  • London Bridge on 3 June 2018
  • Finsbury Park Mosque area on 19 June 2018
  • Parsons Green area on 15 September 2018

Projections will be in place from midnight until morning light, and then from dusk to 11.59pm, on the date of the individual attacks.

#LondonUnited exhibition

There will also be a #LondonUnited exhibition in City Hall later this year.

It will highlight the capital’s resilience, highlight the bravery of London’s heroes and emergency services, and demonstrate how Londoners unite together at times of adversity. 

Support for those affected

Emotional and practical support is available for anyone who was affected by a terrorist attack last year.

Different kinds of support are available including peer support networks, advice on talking to children, and practical assistance. It’s never too late to seek advice.

Visit the Government’s Victims of Terrorism website to find out more.

The plans have been agreed following consultation with the 14 families who have lost loved ones, survivors, the Met police and emergency services, as well as the local authorities in the areas affected. 

Many families, friends and communities have their own private arrangements in place to reflect and remember their lost loved ones, and it is important that these plans are respected. The plans at City Hall are intended to complement, without intruding on, the individual private commemorative activities of bereaved families.

We know thousands of people have been deeply affected by these attacks. If you have suggestions for how we can recognise and remember the events of last summer, or if you need support, please get in touch.