Domestic abuse

Toxic Trio: Parental mental health, substance abuse and domestic abuse

Start date: 10 June 2019
End date: 24 June 2019

The London Assembly Health Committee is exploring the toxic trio of parental mental health, substance abuse and domestic violence.

We want to hear about inequalities of all kinds in parental mental health, substance abuse and domestic violence: what can be done to prevent this toxic trio from happening in the first place; how to intervene when the three problems are identified as being present; and what can be done once they have occurred.

Key Issues to explore

  • Addressing the social, economic and political determinants of the toxic trio
  • Ensuring equal access to support
  • Improving quality and outcomes from support
  • Work by the Mayor of London

How to contribute

We are especially keen to receive evidence about possible solutions to addressing toxic trio prevalence and inequality of support

We welcome evidence in a range of formats. Written submissions should be no more than 3,000 words in total, and can be accompanied by supporting documents, web links or videos.

We are keen to hear first person accounts about experiences with the toxic trio and inequalities, as well as evidence from practice, research and other types of knowledge and experience.

We are interested in solutions that have come from communities and user-led groups and organisations. We also want to know about initiatives that have come from local organisations: for example from local authorities, charities or NHS organisations. And we are keen to hear about initiatives in other areas of work that might provide valuable learning for addressing inequalities in support for the toxic trio.

Please ensure you give us your name, organisation (if relevant) and contact details, indicating if you would like us to treat your evidence anonymously.

Email submissions

[email protected]

Postal submissions

Lauren Tiltman, London Assembly, City Hall, The Queen’s Walk, London SE1 2AA

Further information

020 7084 2929

Media enquiries

Funmi Olutoye

020 7084 2713

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