Nominate 100 Women for Blue Plaques

Start date: 14 December 2018
End date: 08 March 2019


London’s Blue Plaques are iconic, but they are deeply unrepresentative of our city.

The scheme, which has been running since 1866 and overseen by English Heritage, honours Londoners who have made a positive contribution in their field, communities and wider society. 

But of the 943 plaques installed to date, only 14 per cent commemorate women.

Women only make up a third of the nominations English Heritage receive which they say is hampering efforts to address the disparity in the number of plaques honouring women. As part of this centenary year, the London Assembly is seeking to submit 100 nominations of women worthy of a Blue Plaque.

As part of this drive, we invite you to join us by submitting any nominations of female Londoners who have contributed to your field, that you believe to be deserving of a Plaque.

The Criteria

The London Assembly thinks that the criteria being used by English Heritage when considering submission are unfit for a modern London.

The underlying principle of celebrating the relationship between people and place is an important one, but the London Assembly thinks that the insistence on only placing plaques on surviving building is a disservice to the ideas and contributions made by female and male Londoners. Recognition of the immaterial contributions to society by Londoners should not be frustrated by a lack of bricks and mortar when communities still stand.

As part of our efforts to boost the number of women being nominated for a Plaque, we’re calling on English Heritage to review their criteria to make it fit for purpose.


If you have a suggested nomination for a female Londoner that passed away and made a positive contribution to London that the Assembly can present to English Heritage, then please email [email protected].

In making a submission your contact details will only be used to keep you updated on the campaign. Please do let us know if you would like to opt out from receiving any updates on the Blue Plaque campaign.