BAME organ donation card

Investigation into organ donation in BAME communities

Start date: 08 November 2018
End date: 08 February 2019


In 2017, nationally, 21 percent of people who died waiting for an organ transplant, were from an ethnic minority background.

The London Assembly Health Committee is investigating organ donation in Black, Asian, Mixed and other ethnic minority (BAME) communities in London.

The committee wants to:

  • To understand the variation in donation between London’s white and BAME communities, and within the BAME communities.
  • To identify and make recommendations to the Mayor and partners on how to increase donation.

Longer waiting times among BAME groups are a result of a higher demand for organ transplants amongst these communities and lower rates of organ donation.


In 2017/18:

  • White patients waited 723 days for a kidney transplant; black and Asian patients waited 985 days and 891 days, respectively.
  • Black patients waited 44 days longer than white patients for urgent heart transplants.
  • White patients waited 261 days for a lung transplant; Asian patients waited 1,191.
  • Of the people that died waiting for an organ transplant, 21 percent were from a black, Asian, or ethnic minority background.

Key questions

  • Why are family consent rates low in BAME communities?
  • What are the barriers that prevent people from signing up to the organ donor register?
  • How do interested organisations encourage frank conversations about donation?
  • Is the support for donation lower in London’s BAME communities than in other communities? And if so, what are the best ways to increase that support?
  • What does an effective sustained campaign of engagement with BAME communities on the topic of donation look like?
  • Who would need to be involved in such a campaign and what does the Mayor need to do to support it?

Special meeting at City Hall

The Chair of the London Assembly Health Committee invites members of the public and interested parties to a special meeting at City Hall to hear people's views on organ donation.

The meeting will take place on January 10 from 2pm - 4.30pm. While we welcome all participation; we are particularly keen to hear from people from Black, Asian and other minority ethnic communities, who are currently under-represented on donor registration lists.

Come and help us find out how the Mayor can support better health for all Londoners and help us address the unfair survival odds that some of our communities face.

Attendance is free but spaces are limited - please register your interest in attending by emailing [email protected]