Child's teeth

Child dental health

Start date: 11 February 2019
End date: 31 March 2019

Children’s dental care in London

Over a quarter (26%) of 5-year-olds in London suffer from decay, which is higher than the national average (23%). This figure also hides considerable inequalities between different London boroughs, with outcomes varying from 14 per cent in Bexley to 40 per cent in Harrow. For comparison, in the best-performing local authorities in England only 5 per cent of 5-year-olds suffer from tooth decay. Worryingly, while nationally there have been slow but steady improvements in child oral health, nine of the London boroughs have seen a deterioration in children’s outcomes over the last 2 years.

Poor oral health is the number one reason for child admission to hospital in London. In 2016/17, over ten thousand (10, 853) children under the age of 15 in London were admitted to hospital for tooth extractions under a general anaesthetic due to tooth decay. More than three quarters of these admissions were for children under the age of nine.

Considering that the average cost of an extraction is £836, the NHS in London spends over £9 million on these preventable hospital admissions every year. This is on top of the significant cost of treating child tooth decay in primary care.

Key issues we want to explore

  • How poor dental health can affect children
  • Barriers to good dental health
  • Food choices
  • The link between a parent’s attitude towards going to the dentist and their child’s attendance
  • Parents’ awareness of free NHS dental care for children
  • What schools are doing
  • Variation between different areas of London
  • The groups of children the current approach isn’t reaching
  • Access requirements for different groups of London’s children
  • Action already being taken
  • What more can be done

Key questions

  • Why is dental health among London’s children so poor?
  • Why do some London boroughs appear to be going backwards on dental health outcomes for children?
  • What impact does poor dental/oral health have on children’s development?
  • What is access to free NHS dental services like for different groups of London’s children?
  • What action is already being taken to address this problem at local levels in London?
  • What can be done to raise parental awareness of the need for good child dental health?
  • How can the Mayor help, through his existing programmes and other activity?

How to contribute

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