Bottled Water

Bottled Water

Start date: 20 February 2017
End date: 30 April 2017

Drinking bottled water in the UK is more popular than ever. But a growing trend towards single-use plastic bottles comes at a cost to both the individual and the environment.

  • The bottled water industry in the UK reportedly releases 350,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year[1].
  • Bottled water costs Londoners money. The average cost of tap water in the UK is 0.1 pence per litre, compared to 65p for 1 litre of bottled water[2]
  • Energy is required to produce and transport bottled water. Many of the popular bottled water brands consumed in London are transported hundreds of miles from their source, often across county and national borders 


Our investigation

The London Assembly Environment Committee is investigating the environmental impacts caused by the use of plastic water bottles in the capital. During the investigation, the Committee will examine:

  • the extent of bottled water consumption in London
  • what alternatives are available – such as reusable water bottles and accessible water fountains in public places
  • how the impacts can be reduced – by increasing recycling and incentives that may help to encourage this.


[1] and [2] Water Vital Statistics: Industry Data, British Bottled Water Products.