Workplace health

Work and Health

Date published: 
15 March 2018

Work plays a key role in keeping people in good physical and mental health.

  • Those out of work experience poorer physical and mental health, consult their GP more, and have higher death rates. 
  • Returning to work after a period of unemployment is shown to improve the health status of all age groups. 

A Populus survey commissioned by the London Assembly Health Committee, has revealed some surprising attitudes from Londoners to the health of their workplaces. 


The committee has published a report focusing on how to improve workplace health. 

Key facts

  • Healthy work is not just the avoidance of harmful work practices, but the creation of positive wellbeing within workplaces and workforces.
  • Autonomy and job security are key principles of healthy work.
  • We need to challenge the idea that there will always be some bad or unhealthy jobs.


  • Commission research on healthy work in lower-paid sectors
  • Explore the reasons for poor health outcomes at work for the 55-64 age bracket
  • Update the Healthy Schools London programme to help young people recognise healthy and unhealthy work.
  • Set out how the Healthy Workplace Charter can be expanded to a far greater number of employers
  • Push for greater management training that emphasises healthy workplace management
  • Support networks of smaller businesses to work together to realise health benefits at a cross-organisational level.