'Where to, Guv?'

Date published: 
01 November 2005

'Where to, Guv?' PDF 'Where to, Guv?' RTF

This report assesses the performance of the Public Carriage Office (PCO), which is charged with regulating London's world renowned taxi service. The report, conducted by Peter Hulme Cross on behalf of the Transport Committee, calls for reforms to the PCO to ensure the long term future of the taxi trade.The PCO should take on a more strategic role, with clearer delineation between the regulatory and operational roles of the PCO to introduce transparency. The report calls for a comprehensive review of the structure and testing systems of the Knowledge, the taxi drivers' entrance examination. The Committee was concerned that testing systems were outdated and were adversely affecting driver recruitment. The report also makes recommendations on how the PCO can establish clearer lines of communication with drivers and improve customer service.

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