Violence Against Women and Girls Assembly submission

Date published: 
05 August 2013

In its submission to the Mayor’s consultation on his new Violence Against Women and Girls (VAGW) strategy the Assembly’s Police and Crime Committee have set out a five point plan to help the Mayor fulfill his manifesto promise to make London a safer place for women.

The Committee has urged the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) to lead from the front to ensure a consistently high standard of care and support for female victims of violence that is not undermined by service cuts.

The Committee’s five recommendations are:

MOPAC must urgently complete its review of how effectively demand for domestic violence servicers is being met and develop a plan to fill gaps in service.

The Mayor should commit to deliver an increase in the supply of Independent Domestic Violence Advocates

All Metropolitan Police neighbourhood officers should receive specific training on how to deal with victims of sexual violence.

MOPAC should lead the development of a systemic approach to identifying women and girls at risk due to gang association and deal with them in the same way as other young people who need to be kept safe.

Support for sex workers should not be dependent on a willingness to exit and emphasis must be given to improving the safety of sex workers and their confidence in reporting crimes.

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