An urgent need

Date published: 
01 March 2006

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There is a real concern about the declining quantity and quality of public toilet provision in the city – a shortage that causes problems for those who live and work here as well as visitors to London. It impacts on public health and environmental issues, in terms of street cleanliness, social disorder and infections.

London has experienced the highest decline in the number of local authority owned and run public toilets in the country. Things can be done to change this around. There needs to be a complete rethink about the role that this public service has in a 21st century world city. The report’s recommendations include:

  • Local Authorities should have a statutory duty to provide adequate publicly accessible toilets.
  • That the Mayor publish a London-wide map of available public toilets
  • Local Authorities improve sign posting of public toilets and encourage commercial premesis to make their facilities available to all.
  • Planning consent should require double the number of women’s toilets as men’s in all new developments or refurbishment schemes.
  • The repeal of legislation banning local authorities from charging for urinals.