Power to the People

Date published: 
01 May 2005

Power to the People PDFPower to the People RTF

Climate change has been described as the most serious problem currently facing the UK and reducing domestic use of fossil fuels is a crucial part of combating it. Yet many Londoners who have tried to install renewable energy in their homes have found the process bureaucratic and difficult, and even highly motivated people have given up.

This report examines the barriers preventing Londoners from translating their intentions on installing renewable energy into actions and makes practical recommendations to remove those obstacles. The Committee was told about barriers in four areas: financial; lack of suitable information; problems with finding or suitability of installers, getting quotes; and overcoming bureaucracy and legal difficulties.

The Committee supports the introduction of a grant scheme and/or subsidised loans for low-carbon technologies along with the extension of economic incentives and introduction of Council Tax and Stamp Duty rebates. The Committee recommends the use of one-stop shops to support homeowners through the installation process and additional information including a ‘how to’ guide that takes potential customers through the installation process and an independent, comparative guide to the different products systems. The Committee also suggests action to tackle the other barriers it identified.

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