Draft Police and Crime Plan for 2013-2017

Date published: 
06 March 2013

The London Assembly Police and Crime Committee is urging Mayor Boris Johnson to provide an evidence based assessment to support the aspirations outlined in his draft Police and Crime Plan for London.

The Police and Crime Committee have conducted a detailed examination of the Mayor's draft Police and Crime Plan which sets out his priorities for policing the capital and reducing crime over the next four years.

The Committee found that while the Plan establishes aspirational targets to reduce crime and improve public confidence in policing these is little evidence in the plan to explain how or why these particular targets were set. Nor does the Plan include sufficient detail on how these targets can be achieved.

Before the Mayor adopts a final Police and Crime Plan the Committee recommends that it is improved to:

Include more sophisticated performance targets based on robust evidence as well as aspiration.

Set out how the Met will be challenged on its performance on harmful crimes such as rape, sexual assault and gang activities.

Demonstrate how the new neighbourhood policing model will continue to support community engagement, accountability and confidence.

Outline safeguards to ensure reducing numbers of supervisory officers does not lead to damaging cases of misconduct or poor performance.

Provide clear case by case evidence for the closure of individual police stations and counters, and demonstrate how the needs of all members of the community will be met by new access provision.

Clearly explain how the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) will work with the MPS to improve public confidence in the police service and its legitimacy.

Clarify how MOPAC will work with partner organisations to achieve the Mayor’s criminal justice and community safety objectives.

Following the publication of the final Police and Crime Plan MOPAC provided the Committee with a more detailed response to its recommendations for improvement.

MOPAC detailed response to Police and Crime Plan Consultation

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