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Londoners’ attitudes towards advertising on the transport network

Date published: 
11 October 2018

The London Assembly Budget and Performance Committee surveyed 1,003 adults, all of whom live in London. The survey asked whether they would oppose or support different kinds of advertising that TfL is not yet exploring.


This report explores how advertising revenue can help contribute to operating other parts of the network. This survey is intended as a starting point for a discussion on what level, and what kinds, of advertising Londoners are okay with on their journeys around the capital.


We asked each person whether they would oppose or support particular kinds of advertising that Transport for London is not yet exploring as a way to avoid fare increases or service reductions.  


The Committee is currently investigating TfL’s financial situation. Transport for London (TfL) is running a deficit of £1 billion for 2018/19 and does not expect to turn around the organisation’s precarious finances until 2021-22. Delays to the opening of Crossrail will just compound the problems.


The committee will be publishing a report in November 2018 once we can get more details from TfL about the impact of the delay to Crossrail.

Main survey findings

  • 72% support more advertising digital screens on the transport network with just 16% against
  • 61% opposed audio adverts - either using the existing announcement system or via the display screens
  • 56% opposed pop up ads when using wifi on the tube – 32% were in favour
  • 59% of people support sponsorship deals to rename Tube stations and lines – 25% were against
  • Half those asked support advertising around cycle lanes with 31% against

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