Smog on the Thames

London Assembly response to national Air Quality Plan consultation

Date published: 
09 November 2015

In April 2015 the Supreme Court ordered the Government to take action to tackle the dangerously high levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) found in the UK.  

Compliance with legal limits is required as soon as possible and a revised Air Quality Plan must be proposed by the end of 2015.  

The London Assembly Environment Committee has responded[1] to the Government’s consultation on its updated Air Quality Plan. 

The response calls for the revised Plan to ensure that the UK complies with legal levels of NO2 by 2020 instead of the proposed 2025, saying that the proposals “lack ambition and initiative.” 

[1] The response is the view of a majority of the Committee, agreed by the Green, Labour and Liberal Democrat Groups, with the Conservative Group dissenting.

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