Healthy Minds, Healthy Londoners

Date published: 
09 July 2015

Over a million Londoners suffer from mental illness at any one time, making it the capital's single largest health pressure - greater than either cancer or cardiovascular disease. Mental ill health has damaging consequences, in terms of quality of life, relationships, education and employment and is a particular issue for London's young people and Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities. The London Assembly Health Committee report 'Healthy Minds, Healthy Londoners' is calling for action to prevent mental ill health.


The Mayor should set out what steps he or a future Mayor could take to promote good mental health in London, particularly among young people and BME groups.

There is no reliable data on the demand for mental health services in London particularly regarding children and young people. The Department of Health should commission and set out a timetable for a national mental health survey of children and young people.

NHS England London should work with London boroughs and Clinical Commissioning Groups to shift focus to early intervention and prevention when commissioning mental health services and support.