Graffiti in London

Date published: 
01 May 2002

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Graffiti is an increasingly prevalent environmental crime in London, degrading streets, houses, offices, buses and trains. It engenders an atmosphere of neglect and criminality. Graffiti also involves serious risks to the graffiti writers themselves. The London Assembly has undertaken the first London-wide focussed consideration of how to prevent and reduce graffiti. We have brought together for the first time a wealth of best practice and data which can be used to develop a targeted and co-ordinated approach to dealing with graffiti. Our report discusses issues raised by Boroughs, transport companies and residents. We have also investigated the culture and motivations of graffiti writing. We look at what works in graffiti prevention both across London, the United Kingdom and in cities around the world. The report makes positive recommendations on how graffiti should be dealt with across London.

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