Elections Review Report

Date published: 
28 November 2012

This report reviews the 2012 Mayoral and London Assembly elections and makes a number of key recommendations for the next election.

The review concludes that the government should change electoral law to allow the Greater London Returning Officer to order a re-count in the event of a very close result in the Mayoral elections.

Presently, recounts can only be called for individual London Assembly constituency seats if ordered by individual Constituency Returning Officers.

The report's recommendations also include:

  • Provision of adequate contingency arrangements and communications within and between count centres and the final declaration venue
  • Review the costs and benefits of reducing the number of count centres from three to two
  • A review of the staffing and resources required to run the 2016 elections
  • Guidance on the next election should be published for consultation no later than June 2015

These recommendations would help to ensure the 2016 elections have robust systems in place to ensure public confidence while delivering maximum value for money.

Read the full report and evidence submitted to the review.

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