Designs on London

Date published: 
01 April 2004

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The design and quality of London’s built environment is a key to its future prosperity and to securing a good quality of life. The Committee’s scrutiny of London’s ‘urban renaissance‘ finds that Londoners would have a better quality of life if more political will, resources and skills were put into improving the calibre of the capital’s buildings and open spaces, but many buildings and spaces in London are still poorly designed, devoid of any sense of place and suffering from neglect, the report reveals. Evidence in the report highlights a lack of an integrated approach to urban design and political and officer leadership, concerns about the effectiveness of the planning system, shortage of skills and a funding deficit. Although good work is being done to improve the quality of urban design across London, much more is needed to achieve an urban renaissance.

The report calls for the development of a vision and action plan to encourage everyone working together to improve the quality of the capital’s built environment.

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