Dash for homes?

Date published: 
01 March 2006

Dash for homes? PDFDash for homes? RTFDash for homes? Appendix 2 PDFDash for homes? Appendix 2 RTF

The Environment Committee has published 'Dash for homes?' which reports on the environmental aspects of the Mayor's planning decisions. The report:

  • Examines the current process for assessing environmental considerations in the Mayor’s decisions in strategic planning applications, and the adequacy of the framework in which these decisions are made.
  • Highlights the need for complete openness in how decisions are arrived at, apparent weaknesses in the decision making process, and the need for a more robust framework setting out the Mayor’s policies in a more explicit and decisive manner.
  • Recommends greater clarity and openness on how decisions are made, a more systematic approach to environmental assessments, regular training for officers responsible for making the assessments and more robust wording in the London Plan.

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