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Crime on public transport

Date published: 
10 March 2016

London’s public transport system is one of the largest in the world. Ensuring the safety and security of passengers is essential; everyone has the right to travel safely and free from fear of crime.

With the number of passengers using London’s transport system increasing, policing the network is not an easy challenge. 

The London Assembly Police and Crime Committee has published its report, ‘Crime on public transport.'

The report crime assesses crime levels on the capital’s public transport system and identifies current and future policing challenges, including the introduction of the Night Tube, fear of crime on the network and an increase in reports of violence and sexual offences.

The report makes a number of recommendations, including:

  • The new Mayor should constantly monitor, review and learn from policing arrangements for the Night Tube, and enable a swift response to any emerging crime concerns.
  • The new Mayor should explore how to further increase public awareness and confidence to report sexual offences on public transport, maximising on the success of Project Guardian.
  • The new Mayor should develop a new strategy for enabling travellers to report all crimes and anti-social behaviour more easily on public transport in London, using mechanisms which have shown success, such as by text.

 Read the report below.

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