The London Assembly's response to the Mayor's draft London Plan

Date published: 
01 November 2002

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This report is the Assembly's formal response to the Mayor on the public consultation draft of the London Plan, and contains a mix of supporting and objecting representations. It expresses the Assembly's strong support for the Mayor's vision of London as an exemplary sustainable world city, and welcomes the many instances where he has moved in response to some of the earlier recommendations of the Assembly's scrutiny of Towards the London Plan. There remain, however, serious concerns as to whether London's predicted growth can be accommodated in a sustainable way. Will the Mayor's employment growth predictions hold up? Will Londoners get the skills they need, will there be enough new homes, is the Plan directing new jobs to the right locations, and will London's transport system be able to cope with the scale of growth envisaged? In order to deal with these issues, the report believes it is necessary to delve behind the London Plan and look at the assumptions which underlie the Mayor's policy choices for the capital's future.

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