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The Affordable Housing monitor - 2018/2019

Date published: 
13 June 2019

The Housing Committee has published the annual ‘Affordable Housing Monitor’. The report tracks how the Mayor is delivering affordable homes in London.

Key Facts

  • London needs 66,000 new homes each year. 48% of that target was achieved in 2017/2018.
  • The Mayor has secured £4.82 billion in government funding for affordable homes and has committed to start 116,000 by 2022. To date 41,704 have started – 36%.
  • In 2018/19, 14,544 affordable starts were made, supported by Mayoral funding.  This surpasses the lower end of the Mayor’s expected range, which was 14,000 homes. London needs 43,000 affordable homes annually, including affordable homes not funded by the Mayor.
  • 59% of these starts were for intermediate tenure homes while 27% were for social rent.
  • Over 7,500 affordable homes supported by the Mayor were completed in 2018/19, a 41% increase on 2017/18. However, this is still well behind the average of over 10,000 per year in the preceding decade, when different funding arrangements were in place.

Affordable Home Starts

The Monitor includes a series of maps analysing how many affordable homes have been built in 18/19. Below is the map for affordable starts.


affordable starts

The Monitor

The Affordable Housing Monitor 18/19 can be read in full here:

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