Renting in London

I am a private renter, and I know that rent rises, insecurity and moving house every few years takes its toll.

I will be pressing the Mayor to lobby for the powers to introduce rent controls, more secure tenancy agreements and a ban on letting agent fees.

But even without these national regulations, I want to help renters get a better deal. Renters’ groups are already looking at setting up a Renters Union. I will help them to do this, and lobby the Mayor to get behind them.

Renters need a strong voice to counter the power of the landlord lobby. A renters’ union would build on the amazing work being done by renter groups in London and give them the support they need to hold the Mayor to account, and demand action from councils to raise standards in renting.

Defining a living rent

The Mayor has promised to introduce a definition of a 'living rent'. This should ensure that affordable housing doesn't cost more than a third of your take home pay.

I want him to also take into account some specific concerns:

  • Women earn significant less on average than men, so there is a danger that a one-size-fits-all calculation will still leave a lot of women in poverty after they pay their rent.
  • Families face higher living costs in London, particularly for childcare and transport, so the living rent for larger homes should take this into account.
  • Students have very low incomes and face an extremely expensive city. 

In my first ever Mayor's Question Time I got the Mayor to agree to look at women and students, but not families. Read my press release or watch the discussion:

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