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Publication from Caroline Russell: Threat to London’s Water Security from HS2 Piling

Date published: 
20 September 2019

Threat to London’s Water Security from HS2 Piling

Dear Minister,

I have been contacted by a group of constituents in Hillingdon, North-West London, who are very concerned about the security of London’s water supply, as a result of imminent drilling works associated with HS2.

The group has presented me with documentation, including from hydrogeology experts, the Environment Agency and Affinity Water, the local water supplier, which suggests that the potential for damage and contamination by drilling into the chalk aquifer in this area is real and must be taken very seriously.

In particular, there are concerns that one source of pollution flowing from a previous landfill site near Ickenham Pumping Station (now closed) has changed course in recent years and is now present in areas affected by proposed HS2 drilling works.

I am writing to seek reassurance that, given the significant potential for harm, you will adopt a precautionary approach and pause drilling works until you are fully satisfied that these will not pose any risks to the safety and security of Londoners’ water supply.

Please keep me updated on all measures being undertaken to safeguard the capital’s current and future water supply.


Yours sincerely,


Caroline Russell
Green Party Member of the London Assembly

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