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Publication from Caroline Russell: 'Disappointing' TfL review of plans for Fish Island bridges

Date published: 
02 January 2018

Transport for London review of the Fish Island Bridges

Dear Jules

Thank you for sending me the Transport for London review of the Fish Island Bridges. It is disappointing that the review did not include a comprehensive look at the overall area and proposals, and that alternative options have not been considered.

Having reviewed this document, I am still of the firm opinion that opening H14 to all traffic and demolishing part of Vittoria Wharf to build the H16 bridge is not in line with the aspirations of the Mayor’s draft Transport Strategy or his Economic Development Strategy.

The main purpose for the new pedestrian/cycle H16 bridge appears to be to serve as a crossing during the construction of H14. This lacks coherence, particularly as it involves the unnecessary part demolition of Vittoria Wharf and destruction of much needed affordable workspace.

I would be grateful if you would respond to the comments and questions (attached) which are set out after the relevant paragraphs from the TfL review.

With best wishes,
Caroline Russell AM