Apprentice 2 2x1

Economic and Business Policy Unit apprenticeship case study: Honor

  • Team: Economic and Business Policy Unit (EBPU)
  • After her apprenticeship: Honor completed took up a role as a Committee Assistant in the London Assembly Secretariat

Why did you want to do an apprenticeship at City Hall?

I chose an apprenticeship because they had been getting increasingly good press while university seemed extremely expensive. City Hall seemed like a really good employer who had already taken on a number of apprentices.


How did you hear about the vacancy?

I can’t remember whether this was the first time I heard about the vacancy but I did once type good quality apprenticeships in Google and City Hall’s apprenticeships came up.


What were your day-to-day responsibilities as an apprentice?

I worked in the Economic and Business Policy Unit, a team of about 35 people who work on areas from food poverty to Crossrail 2. I worked across the team managing meetings, organising events, running the team’s twitter account and forecasting spend for the team’s projects.


What did you find most useful? How have you used this in your current job?

The most useful things I learned were how to organise my time, understanding how decisions in the GLA are made and finding out which areas of work I enjoy. I’ve now moved into a role where I support the London Assembly’s Committees and these have all come in extremely useful.


What did you find challenging about your apprenticeship?

I found time management most challenging as I was working on various projects in the team and had to find time to complete the apprenticeship qualification.


What was the most inspiring thing that happened during your apprenticeship?

Seeing apprentices from previous years in important roles which they enjoy. I’d say the apprentices blend really well into the City Hall staff.


What were you doing before your apprenticeship here?

I was volunteering teaching English in Suzhou, China.


What did you find most useful about the apprenticeship?

The most useful things were meeting colleagues, having internal job opportunities and training with others who I’ve become really good friends with.


What tips would you give to future applicants?

Choose a team that you think will suit you and talk to as many people as possible from the day you start. The first day is really daunting when you’re getting to know everyone - I found the worst bit was recording my voicemail message when I didn’t yet know anyone but, after a week, once you’ve met everyone, it’s really fun to be in the office.