Fashion Retail Academy

Request reference number: 
1807 & 2280
Date of response: 
July 2016

Summary of request

I am requesting information under the FOI Act on GLA funding for the Fashion Retail Academy.

The Fashion Retail Academy applied for match funding to the London LEP (GLA administered) in February 2015 and was awarded £544,000 in June 2015 towards the complete refurbishment and upgrade of the Academy premises and IT.

Please disclose the application submitted by the academy and the subsequent contract awarded to the academy when it secured funding.

Please also disclose all correspondence between the GLA and the academy in 2015 regarding the funding.


Further to my FOI request on May 16 2016 regarding the Fashion Retail Academy, I have an additional request for information.

The academy received £544,000 in June 2015 in match funding from the London LEP, administered by the GLA.

A review of the academy's internal controls found that there "were some control weaknesses for part of the 2013-14 year but none were in relation to the government funding bodies grants". In the following year's accounts, the academy said the weaknesses had been remedied.

Was the GLA aware of these control weaknesses and if so what assurances, if  any, did the GLA require from the academy when awarding the funding?