EIR - Independent assessment of London’s 1.5 degree C trajectory

Request reference number: 
Date of response: 
October 2019

Summary of request

Could you please send me a copy of the independent assessment of London’s 1.5 degree C trajectory, conducted by the C40 network of big cities.

I submitted a request to be sent a copy of this assessment on 1 October. One of your colleagues, responded by saying that the document I request is “Zero carbon London: a 1.5deg compatible plan”, published by the Greater London Authority in December 2018.

This is NOT the document I am requesting. I am requesting a copy NOT of the “Zero carbon London” plan itself, but of the independent assessment of this plan by the C40 organisation. This is presumably a document sent by C40 to the GLA.

It is the independent assessment I would like to have a copy of, not the Mayor's plan itself.