EIR - Gurnell Leisure Centre GLA Pre-apps 2019

Request reference number: 
Date of response: 
November 2019

Summary of request

With regards to pre-application ref GLA 4287 please can you provide the following:

GLA Pre-app 15th Feb 2019

8 - Estimated that the cost to refurbish the leisure centre would be 80% of cost to demolish and build a new centre.  Please confirm whether LBE (or associated companies) provided any evidence of this estimate and if so, please provide this documentation

18 - Third party funding - please can you provide all documentation that has been provided by LBW and associated companies in relation to request for funding. If no funding requests have been fund, please confirm this.

27, 28 - Please provide evidence the LBE have demonstrated that the existing sports pitches will be appropriately re-provisioned in the general vicinity

34 - Enabling status of the development - Please confirm what is meant by "enabling status" and the consequence of this development not being verified as an "enabling development"

43 - Independent design review of the scheme - Please confirm whether an independent design review has been undertaken and if so, please provide all associated documentation.

GLA Pre-app 23rd Mar 2018

16 - Please provide a copy of the Alternative Sites Assessment and any related materials or documentation

18 - Urban Greening Factor (UGF) assessment - has this been provided, if so please provide a copy mentation.

47 - Technical note from the GLA Energy team - please provide this note.

58 - Financial Viability Assessment (FVA)- Please confirm whether LBE or associated companies have provided a draft FVA and if so, please provide a copy.

Additionally: Building Council Homes for Londoners funding - Please confirm how much funding has been allocated to this scheme by the GLA and provide any related documentation