Juliemma McLoughlin (past staff)

Assistant Director of Planning

Responsible for leading and managing the Planning Unit. Responsible for developing and implementing the Mayor’s/GLA’s planning functions, strategies and policies, in accordance with GLA strategic objectives. Responsible for ensuring the GLA is able to meet its statutory and professional requirements.


Juliemma is the Chief Planner for London, here to support the Mayor in the delivery of their objectives for the built environment.  She is advising on a new London Plan and strategic development opportunities across the capital, and is keen to promote the opportunities that London represents as a vibrant major world city.  

Adoption of and delivery of the new London Plan and key Mayoral strategy documents will be the focus of the GLA Planning Unit in coming months.  The London Plan will shape various strategies for London, including housing, transport, environment and culture.  

Juliemma is leading on the vision to have a live hub of planning and development information accessible to all Londoners by reforming how data is collected and presented.  This work will pave the way for improved delivery of planning objectives set out in the London Plan and better monitoring of those policies. 

She currently leads on the production of London's Growth Strategies as well as being an active board member of the Growth Board and Old Oak and Park Royal Board.  These aim to drive and deliver good growth in line with GLA strategic objectives.

Previously, she has been responsible for leading strategic development and regeneration in the complex urban environments of two of the world’s greatest cities (London and Sydney).  She arrived from London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham in April 2017 where she delivered the borough's Local Plan Review, policy documents and SPDs. 

In the past, Juliemma has worked in partnership with stakeholders to unlock large scale development in West London, including regionally significant schemes within very tight timeframes.  Examples of the schemes that have moved through the planning process and into delivery include Westfield Shopping Centre and new extension, 2019 RIBA London award winning BBC TV centre, Earls Court Opportunity Area, Imperial College White City Campus, and LBHF Town Hall Civic Campus to name but a few.