Maintaining high standards

Assistant Directors and Heads of Service

Below is a list of our Assistant Directors and Heads of Service and their transparency information including:

We have also made the following information available:


List of Assistant Directors and Heads of Service


Assembly and Secretariat

Rebecca Arnold Assistant Director, Committee and Member Services
Anastassia Beliakova Assistant Director, Scrutiny & Investigations  

Communities and Intelligence

Amanda Coyle Assistant Director of Health, Education and Youth
Alice Wilcock Assistant Director of Team London and Sport  
Julia Slay Assistant Director for Communities and Social Policy

Development, Enterprise and Environment

Michelle Cuomo-Boorer

Assistant Director - Skills and Employment
Patrick Feehily Assistant Director - Environment
Juliemma McLoughlin Assistant Director - Planning
Debbie Jackson Assistant Director - Regeneration
Tim Steer Head of Transport
Alex Conway European Programmes Director

External Affairs

Emma Strain Assistant Director - External Affairs
Samantha Hart Head of Media

Head of Paid Service

Mary Harpley Chief Officer


Housing and Land

Jamie Ratcliff Assistant Director - Housing
Simon Powell Assistant Director - Strategic Projects and Property
Neil Hook Head of Area - North East  
Nick Taylor Head of Area - North West

Heather Juman

Head of Area - South 

Partner Organisations

Victoria Hills Chief Executive Officer for Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation


Charmaine De Souza Assistant Director of HR and OD
David Gallie Assistant Director - GLA Group Finance
Simon Grinter Head of Facilities Management

David Munn Head of Information Technology
Tom Middleton Assistant Director Finance and Governance

 Mayor's Office

Ben Johnson                           Senior Advisor to the Mayor