London Power privacy policy

London Power is a partnership between the Mayor of London and Octopus Energy. Customers who sign up to receive energy from London Power will be provided with Terms and Conditions at the point at which they sign-up which will explain the purposes for which their personal data will be processed by Octopus Energy.

Octopus Energy will continue to collect and process personal data from customers for the purposes of supplying electricity and gas and complying with all associated laws and regulations, and as otherwise required for the purposes of fulfilling their contractual obligations with customers and in accordance with their obligations as independent data controllers. They will be the sole point of contact with customers throughout the life of the contract.

Octopus Energy are the Data Controller for all personal data processed for this purpose and personal data will be processed in accordance with their Privacy Policy -

The Greater London Authority / London Power Co. Limited will use the data shared under this agreement for two purposes:

  1. To monitor the performance of the company and ensure it is compliant with all Service Level Agreements defined in the contract between Octopus Energy and London Power Co. Limited
  2. To provide an ongoing source of strategic evidence to support the Mayor to achieve the objectives within the London Environment Strategy (LES), including reducing fuel poverty, improving the efficiency of homes and integrating smart energy systems and flexibility.

All data shared with London Power will be in an anonymised format and will not be used in a manner which could lead to an individual customer being identified.

The categories of data shared with London Power will include the meter type, tariff end-date, gas and electricity consumption.

Contact details for the GLA Data Protection Officer can be found on our your privacy rights page, along with information about how to contact the GLA if you have any questions about any data that we might hold.   However, any questions or concerns that you might have about how your personal data is processed in relation to energy account should first be direct to Octopus Energy (

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