Emma Strain

Executive Director, Communities and Intelligence


Emma, working in a job-share with Sarah Mulley, is responsible for overseeing the delivery and implementation of the Mayor’s priorities and strategies in areas including social integration, equality and fairness, culture, health and education, volunteering, and sport. Emma and Sarah also oversee the work of the GLA’s Intelligence Unit and Community Engagement Team.

Emma also leads the GLA’s External Relations function and is responsible for communicating the Mayor’s strategies, policies and programmes to Londoners and stakeholders across the city. This includes award-winning marketing, creative and digital teams. She is also responsible for the Events for London programme, the Public Liaison Unit, and the GLA’s commercial partnerships. 

In October 2017, Emma also became the Authority’s Monitoring Officer.

Emma joined the GLA in 2011, having previously worked in programme delivery roles in Transport for London and the London Development Agency. Before beginning her tour of the GLA group, Emma spent 6 years in management consultancy specialising in project and programme management across a broad range of sectors including energy, banking, telecoms and retail.