Tightening the Net

Date published: 
19 March 2015

The London Assembly Police and Crime Committee has published a report –Tightening the net: the Metropolitan Police Service’s response to online theft and fraud’ – which examines trends in online theft and fraud and assesses how the Metropolitan Police is dealing with the threat to businesses and the public.

Within the report there are a number of recommendations, including:

The Met Police should appoint a senior ranking officer responsible for ensuring the whole force is prepared to tackle online crime – not just the Met’s new Fraud and Linked Crime Online (FALCON) Command.

The Office for National Statistics should introduce specific questions into the Crime Survey for England and Wales to measure online victimisation. It should include these offences in the Crime Survey’s headline results from 2016-17 onwards.

The Mayor, in partnership with the City of London Police and other key stakeholders, should lead a London-wide campaign during 2015-16 to draw attention to the threat of online crime and raise awareness of Action Fraud to improve reporting of crime by individuals and businesses.

The report is available to download, along with the written submissions received during the investigation.

Responses from the Metropolitan Police and the Office for National Statistics (ONS) can also be found below.

The Commissioner's response shows that the Met accepted the Committee's recommendation to identify a senior ranking officer (ACPO level) to be responsible for mainstreaming cyber-crime across the whole of the force. In his response, the Commissioner states that he has appointed Commander Duncan Ball to be the ACPO lead for mainstreaming cyber crime across the force.

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