Response to consultation on Local Air Quality Management

Date published: 
30 August 2013

Our Environment Committee has told the Government its proposals could undermine efforts to tackle air pollution in the capital, which is already worse than anywhere else in the UK.

The Committee told Defra that its plans, which could see the loss of monitoring stations funded by local authorities, would make it impossible to target pollution measures effectively. It says that without a clear picture of pollution and its effects at the local level, borough actions would be less well-informed and less driven by local needs.

It also told Defra's Local Air Quality Management consultation that it is worried about proposals to end the designation of Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs) which are essential to guiding local action on pollution and implementing London-wide planning policies.

The Committee highlights how London has worse air pollution – and more people exposed to it – than anywhere else in the country. It is estimated there are over 4,000 extra deaths each year in London attributable to particulates – up to nine per cent of all deaths in the capital’s most polluted areas.

It says the capital is set to be the deciding factor for when the UK complies with EU pollutant limits and warns that none of the options put forward in the consultation is likely to work for London or the UK as a whole.

Read the full letter below.

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