Out of the ashes

Date published: 
15 August 2014

Three years on from the 2011 London riots, the Regeneration Committee has examined how the Mayor’s Regeneration Fund (MRF) has been allocated and spent across the capital.

The MRF was announced by the Mayor shortly after the civil disturbances in 2011 to reinvigorate areas that had experienced long-term decay. Through the MRF the Mayor injected £50 million into these areas. Central government and boroughs collectively contributed more than £40 million, creating a much-needed pot worth almost £97 million to improve the quality of life in riot-affected areas.

The Regeneration Committee spoke with business owners, council members and officers and the GLA about MRF-funded regeneration projects and progress. The Committee published its findings, ‘Out of the ashes’ in August 2014.

The Committee made the following recommendations to the Mayor, London Enterprise Panel and boroughs:

The Mayor should refresh his efforts to deliver the MRF and update Londoners on the role of the MRF and its progress by the end of December 2014.

The GLA should require boroughs to establish a leadership and governance structure as soon as they make successful bids for regeneration funds. Boroughs should outline how they intend to use expert advisors.

The GLA should work with the London Enterprise Panel (LEP) to explore what support the LEP can give borough regeneration teams to engage with private sector partners.

For more information, read the report below.

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