Access to GP Care

Date published: 
03 March 2015

London needs more GPs to meet the needs of a rapidly growing population.

The Health Committee's report into 'Access to GP Care' highlights GP shortages in London and the issue of low morale and GP retention.

Key figures

More GPs are emigrating – applications to the General Medical Council for Certificates of Good Standing, allowing them to practice abroad, have risen over 12 per cent since 2008. A total of 4,741 UK-trained doctors obtained certificates in 2013.

18 per cent of patients can’t get an appointment in London, compared with 11 per cent nationally.

Almost 16 per cent of London GPs are over 60 years old, compared with 10 per cent nationally, so if large numbers take early retirement, London could be desperately short of GPs.


NHS England (London) and Health Education England should commission research into low GP morale and how to retain GPs within the profession.

NHS England (London) should review its IT strategy and how it can improve patient access through technology.

The Mayor of London should play a major role in relieving the crisis in GP premises, through better planning and working with NHS England.


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