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About the fund

Please note that the Mayor's Regeneration Fund (MRF) is now closed to applications.

In August 2011, following the unprecedented disturbances across London, the Mayor announced a fund of £70m to invest in the long term regeneration of some of the worst affected boroughs. 

£50m was provided by the Mayor of London. £20m by the Department for Communities and Local Government and ring-fenced for investment in Tottenham and Croydon.

Over the last five years MRF projects made a real difference on the ground in local communities. We continue to deliver large-scale capital projects in Croydon, Haringey and Southwark amongst others. In Tottenham and Croydon in particular, MRF investment has acted as a stimulus fo larger scale regeneration programmes such as the Growth Zone in Croydon and the Housing Zone in Tottenham. The Mayor's regeneration team continues to work in partnership with the boroughs in this respect, and will go on to evaluate completed projects, perform an audit of existing data, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Read the Mayor's Regeneration Fund FAQs for more information on the MRF programme.

The following projects received funding:

Camden Collective and Retail Property Strategy

The Camden Collective scheme concentrates on increasing the award winning creative incubator scheme space and supports new businesses, including employment and training support for the young.

Award: £668,000

Recipient: Camden Town Unlimited 

Cobden Junction, Camden

This project focuses on the town centre and creating a coherent character in order to create world class public spaces.

Award: £1,500,000

Recipient: LB Camden 

Dine in Southall, Ealing

Dine in Southall develops a destination, apprentice-led restuarant and training facility, regenerating a disused heritage building and bringing increased vitality to part of the town centre. 

Award: £850,000

Recipient:LB Ealing 

Market Gardening, Enfield

A feasibility and planning study was carried out in order to enable Enfield to bring back market gardening to the community using considerable borough farmland. 

Award: £600,000

Recipient: LB Enfield 

Shop Fronts, Hackney

This funding was awarded to improve the quality of shop fronts on the high street and to drive improved perceptions and an increase in footfall.

Award: £500,000

Recipient: LB Hackney

Hackney Fashion Hub

Hackney Central Fashion Outlet Hub creates a visitor attraction and an enhanced retail circuit, whilst improving the public realm in Hackney Central.

Award: 1,500,000

Recipient: Hackney

Wellesley Road, Croydon

This project will deliver public realm improvements and a surface level crossing at Wellesley Road to establish an attractive pedestrian environment linking the retail led regeneration with the areas for new office and residential developments and the retail, bus and tram arrival points around East and West Croydon stations. 

Award: £4,800,000

Recipient: LB Croydon

Croydon Tech Hub

This project will develop a specialist technology business incubator unit in Croydon town centre to act as a catalyst for the growth of the tech community in Croydon by supporting local businesses and providing a resource to attract significant inward investment.

Award: £927,940

Recipient: LB Croydon

Business Rate Relief, Croydon

This project will enable the provision of Business Rate Reductions to businesses moving or expanding into commercial premises in the central new town area of Croydon, identified in the Opportunity Area Planning Framework as a key area for growth.

Award: £1,100,000

Recipient: LB Croydon

West Croydon Investment Package

A package of six projects designed to develop greater confidence and economic activity in the West Croydon & London Road area by supporting local businesses, improving the skills base of the local workforce and jobseekers and developing a confident and cohesive local community

Award: £1,400,000

Recipient: LB Croydon

Old Town Masterplan

The preparation and delivery of a masterplan for the LB Croydon Old Town area that will help coordinate initiatives to be delivered in the area

Award: £250,000

Recipient: LB Croydon

West Croydon Interchange, Croydon

This project aims to improve the usability of areas around the West Croydon interchange for commuters and visitors

Award: £5,600,334

Recipient: LB Croydon

High Streets, Croydon

This project aims to deliver transformational change on five key high streets in Croydon

Award: £6,800,000

Recipient: LB Croydon

New Addington, Croydon

This project will deliver a package of improvement works to help regenerate the New Addington area in Croydon

Award: £956,000

Recipient: LB Croydon

Growth on the High Road, Haringey

The aim of the project is to restore the vitality of Tottenham High Road through a cultural and retail renaissance

Award: £2,500,000

Recipient: LB Haringey

639 Employment & Enterprise Centre, Haringey

This project will compliment physical investment with social and economic interventions alongside the Employment and Skill Project

Award: £3,400,000

Recipient: LB Haringey

Opportunity Investment Fund, Haringey

This project is devised to support the acceleration of commercial and employment sites along with workspace creation projects to support the wider regeneration of Tottenham

Award: £2,700,000

Recipient: LB Haringey

Employment and Skills, Haringey

The project aims to effectively target and engage with people furthest from the labour market and offer personalised and tailored support to help them into employment and progress in work

Award: £1,100,000

Recipient: LB Haringey

North Tottenham, Haringey

A series of investments forming part of the wider North Tottenham Regeneration Programme

Award: £6,000,000

Recipient: LB Haringey

Accessibility, Haringey

This project will deliver improved public realm to  enhance the environment, peoples’ perception of the local area and help promote travel by sustainable modes

Award: £3,500,000

Recipient: LB Haringey

Station Approach, Haringey

This project aims to deliver an improved White Hart Lane station and by doing this, make the wider High Road West Scheme more deliverable

Award: £4,800,000

Recipient: LB Haringey

Connecting Colliers Wood, Merton

This project will deliver an integrated package of public realm improvement measures aimed at transforming Colliers Wood into a cohesive and sustainable town centre.

Award: £1,600,000

Recipient: LB Merton

Gateway to Peckham, Southwark

This project aims to develop the high quality heritage asset that is the station and provide an attractive point of arrival forming an anchor in the middle of the town centre that should be the catalyst for further investment

Award: £5,200,000

Recipient: LB Southwark

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