Mayor municipal waste management strategy
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The Mayor's Municipal Waste Management Strategy

Date published: 
21 November 2011

London’s Wasted Resource sets out our policies and proposals for reducing the amount of municipal waste produced, increasing the amount of waste reused, recycled or composted, and generating low carbon energy from waste remaining. This strategy also sets out how through the London Waste and Recycling Board, we will help develop more waste management infrastructure in London.

We have developed a greenhouse gas emissions performance standard (EPS) for all of London's municipal waste management activities to work towards - a world city first. This innovative approach supports waste and recycling services, technologies and techniques delivering the greatest carbon dioxide and cost saving benefits. More information on the EPS can be found in Policy 2 of London's Wasted Resource.

The GLA has developed an online tool for local authorities to determine the greenhouse gas performance of their waste and recycling services against the Mayor’s EPS.


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