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The content of this website is no longer current - please see The London Plan 2011.

Transport in London

This part centres on Objective 5 - to improve Londonís accessibility. Making London an easier city in which to move around will also make a major contribution to achieving the other five objectives set out in the Introduction section.

To achieve the Mayorís vision of an exemplary, sustainable world city, the quality of Londonís transport must be transformed. This means taking an integrated approach to transport provision and development, making major improvements to public transport and tackling traffic congestion. The Mayor is committed to making public transport and the pedestrian environment accessible to everyone, especially disabled people.

The Mayorís Transport Strategy sets out policies and proposals to achieve these goals. Implementation of the programme of improvements in the Transport Strategy is vital to achieving the economic growth and development aspirations of this plan. The Transport Strategy will be revised in an integrated process with the review of the London Plan. Work to revise the Transport Strategy will build on transport planning and policy analysis being undertaken by TfL. This plan sets out spatial policies to improve travel in London over the next 20 years.

The Mayor will work with the boroughs, TfL, the government and a wide range of partners to implement the travel aims and policies of this plan. Partnership with the boroughs will be especially important in implementing policy and boroughs should take account of the Mayorís Transport Strategy as well as the strategic policies set out here to ensure an integrated approach to their Transport Local Implementation Plans and their DPDs.

Some key developments since the publication of the London Plan in 2004 include:-

  • The successful Olympic bid which will help drive the pace of public transport improvement and regeneration in East London;
  • Progress and implementation of transport schemes including Congestion Charging and the DLR Extension to City Airport;

  • The Railways Act (2005) which has opened up the potential for the Mayor to have more influence on national rail services in the London area and hence bring about better integration between transport modes, and between National Rail plans and Londonís development;
  • experience in the implementation of the Underground PPPs.

Transport in London is in five sections:

The first looks at integration of transport and spatial development.

The second looks at enhancing international, national and regional links

The third looks at better public transport in London

The fourth looks at reducing congestion.

Finally, the last section looks at freight.

Transport in London policies


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