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The London Plan download section

The content of this website is no longer current - please see The London Plan 2011.

The London Plan

(consolidated with Alterations since 2004)

This was until 22 July 2011 the current iteration of the London Plan - "The London Plan (consolidated with Alterations since 2004)", the strategic spatial planning document for London. This document has been produced after a series of alterations to the London Plan originally published in 2004.

Where the website refers to the London plan it is referring to the current iteration which has superseded the London Plan 2004.

The full document is at a lower resolution than its constituent sections. Maps and diagrams are also available individually at a higher resolution and in jpg format.

Right hand side links allow access to the:

  • Sub-regional development frameworks - key implementation documents.
  • Past alterations process - all previous versions of the London plan, alterations process and associated documents.
  • Sustainability Appraisal - an independent assessment
  • Monitoring - Annual monitoring reports
  • Technical reports supporting the alterations to the London plan - to help preparation for current iteration of London plan
  • Other Related publications

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