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The content of this website is no longer current - please see The London Plan 2011.

Sustainable development

2A.1 Sustainability criteria

The Mayor will, and boroughs and other stakeholders should promote, support and encourage the development of London in ways that secure this plan's social, environmental and economic objectives. This will include using the following criteria in implementing the London Plan and when considering DPDs and planning proposals:

  • taking account of the impact that development will have on London's natural resources, environmental and cultural assets and the health of local people and upon the objective of adapting to and mitigating the effect of climate change (see Chapter 3, Parts A, C and D, and Chapter 4, Parts A and B)
  • Optimising the use of previously developed land and vacant or underused buildings (see Chapter 3, Parts A and B, and Chapter 4B)
  • Using a design-led approach to optimise the potential of sites and improve the quality of life (see Chapter 4B)
  • Ensuring that development occurs in locations that are currently, or will be, accessible by public transport, walking and cycling (see Chapter 3C)
  • Ensuring that development occurs in locations set out in Policy 2A.5 (see also Chapter 3D)
  • Ensuring that development takes account of the capacity of existing or planned infrastructure including public transport, utilities and community infrastructure, such as schools and hospitals (see Chapter 3, Parts A and C)
  • Taking account of the physical constraints on the development of land, including, for example, flood risk, ensuring that no significant harmful impacts occur, or that such impacts are acceptably mitigated (see Chapter 4A)
  • Ensuring that development incorporates green infrastructure that is planned, located, designed and managed as an integrated part of the wider network of open space (see Chapters 3 and 4)
  • Promoting corporate social responsibility
  • Taking account of the objectives of promoting safety and security, preventing major accidents and limiting their consequences (see Chapter 4, Parts A and B)
  • Taking account of the suitability of sites for mixed use development and the contribution that development might make to strengthening local communities and economies including opportunities for local businesses and for the training of local people (see Chapter 3, Parts A and B, and Chapter 4B).
  • Policies in DPDs should clarify that, when assessing the suitability of land for development, the nature of the development and its locational requirements should be taken into account, along with the above criteria.
  • All stakeholders should take a pro-active approach that engages the community in decisions about its future and builds capacity to enable the community to take a lead in addressing its own needs wherever possible.


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