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The London Plan download section

The content of this website is no longer current - please see The London Plan 2011.

Maps and diagrams

Map 4A.1 - Flood Zones

This map shows the flood zone in 2 categories; 1% risk of flood and 0.1% risk of flood. These cover a band either side of the Thames and up through the Lee Valley and other tributaries.

To download this image, right-click on the image below and then click "Save picture as..." or "Save file as..." from the pop-up menu.

Map 4A.1 - Flood Zones

Download all Maps and Diagrams

All Maps, Diagrams and Tables that are part of the London plan are available to download in a single Zip archive.

Please click either of the links below to download or view the contents of the archive. You can also right-click your preferred link and choose 'Save Target As...' to download the zip arcive to your computer.

File name: londonplan_all_maps_diagrams.zip
Download all maps and diagrams as a Zip Archive Download all maps and diagrams as a Zip Archive (7.1 Mb)


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Zip Archives

Some of the downloadable files on this site are compressed into WinZip archives.

If you do not have WinZip installed on your PC, you can download an evaluation copy by clicking on the link below:-

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