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The London Plan download section

The content of this website is no longer current - please see The London Plan 2011.

Sub-regions, CAZ and government growth area policies

Boroughs already look wider than their own boundaries, plan with their neighbours and work with the many institutions now operating at a sub-regional level.

The Mayor wishes to build on this and considers a flexible concept of sub-regions to be the best way to develop the strategic policies in the London Plan and to provide the focus for implementation. Chapter 2A defines the sub-regions - see Policy 2A.3 and Map 5A.1. For convenience, the Key Diagram (Chapter 2) shows the sub-regional boundaries together with the diagrammatic boundaries of CAZ (Map 5G.1) and the nationally defined growth areas (Policy 1.3); these are the major geographic elements that overlap the sub-regions.

Sub-regions, CAZ and government growth area policies

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