Engaging Young Londoners

A key part of the the Mayor’s children and young people’s work at the GLA is to give all young Londoners a voice, because young Londoners have a major role to play in shaping London. Young people are experts in their own right and can offer valuable insights into how a service will affect them for better or worse.

The Mayor will continue to find out and listen to the views and experiences of young Londoners, to gain a better understanding of what it is like growing up in London, through different methods like Young Londoners Surveys or special consultation meetings.

The aims of the Mayor’s interaction with young Londoners are:

  • To engage
  • To inform
  • To encourage involvement

Through this website we want to engage with young people of London so that they feel more involved in what is happening within their city and know that they have a voice that is heard by the Mayor and the GLA.

By informing young Londoners of what is happening in the capital we can seek active involvement from them on the issues they are interested in and gain their valuable views, opinions and feedback. This means we can act on those views and opinions to make London a better and safer city for young people.

We use the Peer Outreach Team and the Lynk Up Crew to hear the views and opinions of young Londoners. The Peer Outreach Team are aged 16 – 25, and the Lynk Up Crew are aged between 7 -15. The teams coordinate periodic young Londoners surveys and consultation events on behalf of the Mayor.

If you would like to find out more how the Mayor is engaging with young people, please contact mayor@london.gov.uk