Network Rail and rail companies

We rely on Network Rail and rail companies to connect London to the rest of the country.

Overland trains transport thousands of commuters to their jobs in central London. A strong partnership with Network Rail and rail companies is vital for the city’s future growth and prosperity.

Who manages London’s overland trains?

The rail network infrastructure is managed by Network Rail, and London’s overland trains are run by different operating companies. The Office of Rail Regulation (ORR) is the independent government department responsible for the regulation of the railways in Great Britain.

Championing London

London’s success is bound up with the future of its rail network and services. So it is important that the Mayor has greater input and influence over the services provided by Network Rail and the train operating companies.

Improving London’s overland railways

We support increasing the capacity of inter-regional, national and international rail and high-speed rail travel. People’s access to jobs, businesses’ access to employment markets and freight access will be improved by making sure there are enough regular services on major routes.

The extension of the Oyster ticket system to London’s National Rail services means Londoners can now use their Pay As You Go Oyster card at all 350 National Rail stations within Greater London.