Transforming transport to improve Londoners' daily lives

The Mayor is committed to using his transport powers to improve the quality of life of all Londoners.

'I want all Londoners to know that we in Transport for London and in City Hall are working flat out to keep our city moving.' Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

Five challenges have been set in this area to make journeys smoother and more pleasant.

Improving the journey experience

The Mayor will improve the quality of public transport services by raising standards of cleanliness, reducing crowding, cooling the Tube where possible, and providing more journey planning information.

Enhancing the built and natural environment

Well-designed public spaces can encourage walking and cycling. Work is being done to create cleaner streets with less clutter and new layouts to provide a better balance between all road users.

Improving air quality

Air quality in London is the worst in the country. The Mayor has a legal obligation to meet national and European targets in this area. One way to improve air quality is through developing the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) – which deters high polluting vehicles. The Mayor will also lead by example with a cleaner public service fleet, including buses, taxis and Greater London Authority (GLA) group vehicles.

Reducing noise pollution

The Mayor will reduce noise impact from transport through providing speed control alternatives to road humps, promoting smoother driving and supporting the use of quieter vehicles.

Improving health impacts

Transport plays a role in health and wellbeing - directly, through road collisions and air pollutants, and indirectly, through stress and physical activity. We will encourage more walking and cycling through information campaigns, travel planning, training and new features such as cycle hire schemes and cycle superhighways.