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Investing in improving our city’s transport

We are revitalising London’s transport to allow more people to travel through the city easily and comfortably.

A growing city needs a growing transport system

London’s transport network is incredibly complex and caters for millions of journeys every day. Our city’s population is growing rapidly: the population in 2011 was 400,000 higher than pre-census estimates. Consequently our existing transport system is stretched to capacity.

Investing in transport

We are expecting around 1.6 million more people and over 750,000 more jobs by 2031. By 2050, the population is projected to reach over 11 million, with 1.4 million more jobs than 2011. We are investing in a transport system that can help a growing London to flourish.

Some of our major changes are:

  • Building Crossrail to provide a high speed rail service between the east and west of the city and developing Crossrail 2
  • improving the Tube with extended services, new trains and stations which are easier to navigate
  • making London’s transport more accessible for people with disabilities and connecting up the city’s more deprived areas
  • modernising London’s road network to cope with an extra five million trips a day by 2030 and the road network more reliable, safer  and greener
  • building better buses with the famous London Routemaster – the double-decker red bus – being given a 21st Century upgrade
  • revolutionising our railways with more routes and faster journeys
  • making the most of the River Thames with more pier capacity, more services and a ticketing system which is integrated with the rest of London’s transport
  • promoting a Cycling Revolution to encourage more journeys to be made by bicycle in London
  • Making Walking Count, making London an easier city to travel around by foot
  • tackling London’s air quality with green transport initiatives.