Making London’s buses more environmentally friendly

New Routemaster  

Our New Routemaster bus is the first bus in more than 50 years to be designed specifically for the Capital's streets. 

Almost 150 buses currently serve the Capital and more than 600 new Routemasters will enter passenger service by 2016. Three doors and two staircases make this London’s most accessible bus with a step-free gangway on the lower deck from the front to the back. The green electric hybrid engine makes this the best performing bus of its kind in the world, reducing CO2, NOx and particulate emissions.

Hydrogen buses 

A fleet of eight hydrogen fuel buses now run on the RV1 route between Covent Garden and Tower Gateway. Hydrogen fuel buses emit nothing but water into the air.

Electric buses 

In December 2013 TfL began a trial of electric-only buses. Electric buses are quieter than conventional models, have zero exhaust emissions and total CO2 emissions 40 per cent lower over their entire lifespan than conventional diesel buses. 

The buses take around four to five hours to fully charge overnight and should have a range of 250km, which would be sufficient to operate these buses for a full day on these routes without the need to recharge. Two of the new vehicles are currently operating on routes 507 and 521 between Victoria, Waterloo and London Bridge stations.