Police and Crime Plan

Police and Crime Plan

The full MOPAC Police and Crime Plan 2013-2016 is here: Police and Crime Plan 2013-2016

The Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 requires the Mayor’s Office for Policing And Crime (MOPAC) to produce a Police and Crime Plan that sets out a strategy for policing and crime reduction for London over four years.

The Mayor of London is required to consult Londoners about his proposals, so an extensive consultation process was undertaken on the draft plan (view Draft Police and Crime Plan here) between January and March 2013 to inform the development of the final plan. This consultation included town hall meetings in all 32 boroughs. 

In addition, over two hundred written responses were received and additional stakeholder forums, focus groups and a large online survey were also conducted. Responses to the consultation can be viewed here (view responses) and the results of the online survey by TNS can be downloaded here (view TNS survey here). A summary of responses received throughout the consultation period, and a MOPAC response to the issues raised, is found below.

Summary of Consultation Responses

An Equalities Impact Assessment of the Police and Crime Plan is found below.

Equalities Impact Assessment

The plan identifies key goals for the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) and other criminal justice agencies, and sets out strategies around crime prevention, police resources and performance, and justice and resettlement. You can view the final version of the Police and Crime Plan below.

Following the consultation process the MPS has also published updated public access and deployment maps for the estate of each of the London boroughs. You can view these alongside the Policing and Public Access in London document below.

Estates Strategy

Linked to the Police and Crime Plan is the new MOPAC/MPS Estates Strategy 2013-16.  Please find more details and the Strategy document here.

Details regarding the disposal of sites that have been deemed surplus to requirements in accordance with the Estates Strategy are provided here:

Disposal of buildings February 2014


Annual report

MOPAC reports its progress monthly to the London Assembly's Police and Crime Committee and annually below.

MOPAC Annual Report 2012-13